Hello and Welcome to Counselling For Me

As you have found this page, you probably feel you might need assistance in addressing what is going on in your life and this is the first step on your journey in resolving conflicts you are currently having. Maybe you know what topic(s) you want support with or maybe you are unsure what is causing you difficulties but want to explore what these matters might be.

Sometimes life gets in the way and you push your needs to the bottom of the list and feel guilty when you think about putting yourself and your needs first.

If any of these statements resonate for you, maybe it’s the right time to access talking therapy.

The type of therapy I practice is Integrative which at the Core of my approach is based upon Carl Rogers’s Person Centred Approach which puts you at the centre of the work because I believe you have your own answers and my job is to support you towards self-discovery. This is reflected within a phrase that I use in my practice which goes: ‘there is only one expert in the room, and that is you. What I bring is my experience, my skills and my competency. We go at your pace and as deep as you are ready to go.’ As part of my approach to counselling I work with you to find your own way to your true self.

I do also believe that other techniques and interventions from other modalities are needed within the therapeutic process to deal with what is live in the room at any given moment within our relationship in allowing you to fully understand what is going on for you and support you to achieve any behavioural changes you may want or need in getting closer to your true self. I use a range of different techniques and interventions from Behavioural Therapies, Humanistic Approaches and Psychodynamic Therapy in allowing you to explore your range of emotions surrounding your important life events, keen memories, relationships, worst and best moments and who you believe you are as a person.

If you would like to find out more kindly contact me on 0759 2082 508 or adil@counsellingforme.co.uk

The types of sessions I provide are:

  • Face to face/in-person
  • Webcam/video-calling therapy (using the software Zoom)
  • Telephone counselling (either on the phone or though the software Zoom).
  • Email counselling
  • Instant messaging therapy (using the software Zoom)

Kindly bear in mind that online counselling is not recommended if you are in acute distress. If this is the case for you, you can access more appropriate support though “emergency resource”.