Session Info

Type of sessions:

You have the opportunity to decide how we will work together from the types of sessions I provide:

  • Face to face/in-person session typically last 50 minutes.
  • Voice only/Webcam session typically lasts 50 minutes.
  • Instant Messing, synchronous (real time) written exchanges last 60 minutes.
  • Email therapy, I will spend 60 minutes responding to emails in asynchronous (delayed) communication.

About the sessions:

Sessions occur on a weekly basis

The first session

In the first session we will look at your reasons for seeking therapy and what you would like to get from it. We will also discuss any questions and concerns you may have about the counselling process. The first session will be an opportunity for both of us to get to know each other and decide whether we would like to work together.

Following sessions

Sessions take the form of a conversation. They are a non-judgemental, safe and confidential space where you are free to speak about whatever you wish. My role, as a Counsellor, is to help you explore and manage whatever you are going through.

Number of sessions

I offer open-ended therapy and ask for one pre-agreed session for an ending.

Below is detailed information about sessions, along with my cancellation policy

General information

Regardless of your chosen method of counselling, the price is the same. In the case of video, voice only, instant messaging therapy, your session(s) has a fixed start and end time. If you are early or late for your session, I am afraid that I cannot start earlier or finish later. For email therapy, we agree a one-week period that you will send email to me and I will agree to respond no later than 48 hours after the end of that period.

What payment methods can I use to pay for my therapy?

Currently payments can only be made via a BACS transfer. I will provide you with these details once we have agreed a start date for your session(s).

What happens if I cannot pay, forget to pay, or do not pay in advance?

Regrettably, I will not be able to provide you with the online counselling session. Sessions missed in this way are treated the same as cancellations with less than 7 days notice, you will still need to pay for the session. This is because the time has been held for you and cannot be used by another client.

What if I, the client, go on holiday, become sick, have an urgent matter that means I cannot attend our session or send my email within the agreed time-frame?

Please contact me with at least 7 days notice of our start time (for video, voice only, instant messaging sessions) or the agreed sending time (for email) to avoid being charged for the session. If you take more then 2 weeks of sessions off at a time, the following sessions offered and cancelled will be charged as the slot is held only for you and long brakes can be surprisingly disruptive to the process and ideally need to be avoided.

What if you, the Counsellor, cannot attend the session?

I will always try to provide you with as much notice as possible for any sessions I cannot offer.

What happens if I don’t turn up for my session?

If you fail to attend for a planned session without providing more than 7 day’s notice then the session fee will still apply, you will not be refunded and you will lose that session.

What happens if I am late for my session?

If you are late for your video, voice only, instant messaging session, the session will still take place but it will still end at the agreed finishing time.

If you are unable to send your email by the agreed time and date, your session fee will still apply, you will not be refunded and you will lose that session.